The ASDAF was established with the support of the Federal and WA State governments. Its purpose is to assist Australian researchers and small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) to enhance their ability to analyse space data, particularly earth observation data, to stimulate innovation and accelerate the commercialisation of new products and services.


To achieve these goals, ASDAF will support SMEs and researchers with:
    1. Access to, or assistance in accessing, analysis ready data, both open and commercial, as well as the relevant processing tools.
    2. Personalised training programs, both face-to-face and online, which are designed to empower customers in and enhance their proficiency of space data analysis.
    3. Specialised data analysis with dedicated technical staff with expertise and experience in all areas of space data analysis.
    4. Opportunities to transfer knowledge and collaborate through events, seminars and workshops.


How does the selection work?
The allocation of all ASDAF resources will be based on:
    • projected economic benefits and the creation of jobs
    • the business’s capacity for growth
    • academic and/or social impact
    • overall value to Australia
    • ease of facilitating request
The final evaluation will be performed by the ASDAF selection board.


The application process will involve the following 3 stages:
    1. Interested applicants will submit an expression of interest (EoI). We strongly encourage all researchers and SMEs who think they could benefit from space data analysis to apply.
    2. If successful in the EoI stage, an ASDAF staff member will be in contact to organise an initial discussion with the ASDAF technical team.
    3. Applicants will be invited to make a formal support application within 4 weeks of the initial deadline (details of this process will be provided during the EoI process).


Use the link below to submit your EoI. In your response, please provide sufficient details that address our selection criteria. Thank you.



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