Fire detection and mapping

Fire Detection and Historical Fire Mapping Landgate FireWatch from 2022-08-16. This is a map of current fires and historically burnt areas. It is often a combination of remote sensing, aerial, […]

Detecting Illegal Deforestation

Illegal Deforestation “Tree Cover Loss” (>30%) via Global Forest Watch This is a detection of large-scale changes to the amount of trees in protected areas over time. This can be […]

Above ground biomass

Above Ground Biomass “Aboveground Biomass Density Mean” from 2019-2021 via NASA Worldview This is an estimate of the total density of organic matter in a given region. The “Aboveground Biomass […]

Forest Canopy Height

Forest Canopy Height “Forrest Canopy Height 2020” via NASA Worldview This is a measure of the average height of the canopy in a given area. The image to the left […]

Vegetation health/cover – eg NDVI backup

Vegetation Health/Cover “Vegetation Index 14 Day Terra-MODIS” from 2022-07-26 via NASA Worldview This is a measure of a given area’s vegetation cover and the health of that vegetation. It is […]

Ground Moisture

Soil Moisture “Root Zone Soil Moisture 9km” from 2022-07 via NASA Worldview This is a measure of the total amount of water in the top level of soil; when gathered […]