Sentinel-1 Soure: European Space Agency Landgate  Involved organisations: Landgate Industry: Government services  Services rendered from ASDAF: Automated data acquisition; remote-sensing expertise. Project overview: Landgate recognises the benefits from having their […]

BMT Commercial Australia

A ‘True Color Image’ of the WA coastline (TCI) built from BO2 (Blue), BO3 (Green), and BO4 (Red) bands. Copernicus Sentinel-2 data, 16 January 2022 A TCI built from deglinted […]

In-Situ Marine Optics

In-Situ Marine Optics  Involved organisations:  In-Situ Marine Optics. Industry:  Marine optics; satellite remote sensing. Services rendered from ASDAF:  Data science; software development. Project overview: In-Situ Marine Optics has engaged ASDAF […]

Space Science and Technology Centre

Servis, K. Lagain, A., Fairweather, J. and Benedix, G.K. (2022). Example of impact craters detected on a Terrain Camera image on-board of the Kaguya spacecraft. The image is 7.5m/px and […]

Curtin University School of Population Health

Hanigan, I. (2022) Hand digitsed smoke plums – 27th December, 2019 Curtin University School of Population Health Involved organisations: The Curtin University School of Population Health; Centre for Air Pollution, […]