rotating-slide The ASDAF Academy Advancing the widespread use of satellite data and helping to unlock its full potential.

The ASDAF Academy is a data science training initiative that aims to provide an introduction to the concepts, tools, and techniques used in analysing satellite data. By providing an easy-to-understand, step-by-step approach to data analytics, the ASDAF Academy intends to advance the use of satellite data across the Australian economy. 

What’s in the academy?

Find the answers to general FAQs before you enter the ASDAF Academy. 

The Academy focuses on topics relating to data engineering and machine learning applications of satellite data, including satellite imagery.

The academy is not a platform to learn programming as a working knowledge of such is assumed. 

Users are expected to have a basic knowledge of Python, including data types, control flows, functions, and reading from and writing to files.

A foundational knowledge of descriptive statistics is desirable.

Introduction to the Academy