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Access Australian space resources

Across Australia, there is significant investment being made into the growing Australian space economy. Startups can enter, and existing companies expand, into the space economy through the opportunities offered by space data. Technology companies can facilitate access to these opportunities by providing access to their data, and incubator and accelerator programs.


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Microsoft for Space Startups Australia is an initiative that offers support to Australian startups that have a focus on cloud-powered innovation. Space startups that are eligible receive support, and have their success accelerated, in the form of: credits in Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, access to Microsoft technologies, and input from Microsoft’s specialists, sales teams and mentors.

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AWS Space Accelerator

Amazon Web Services’ Space Accelerator program is a four-week program designed to accelerate cloud-based businesses’ development by providing participants with access to technical, business, and mentor support, as well as the resources to build and scale their cloud platform. This program also offers opportunities to form partnerships and build global connections.


Moonshot Space Co. is a global alliance that has a range of programs and initiatives that support the development of the space economy – from early-stage startups ideating through to established businesses growing or seeking investment.

Moonshot’s Bootcamp is an entry level program that offers businesses entering the space economy a leaping off point to understand how to get involved in space technology and what challenges lie ahead.

National Space Industry Hub

The National Space Industry Hub offers physical workspaces, resources, mentoring, and contacts for emerging space businesses and researchers in Australia who are seeking to take their ideas and commercialise them into space ventures. Although physically located in NSW, the Hub supports businesses and startups across Australia with online programs and events.



The SmartSat CRC brings together universities and other research organisations to develop knowledge and technologies in advanced telecommunications; Internet of Things connectivity; intelligent satellite systems; and Earth observation next-generation data services. This will develop intellectual property and specialised industry expertise; and create new industries and employment opportunities.


Aurora Space Cluster

Aurora aims to create opportunities for its members to participate in SmartSat Research & Development programs and challenges; provide them with exposure to SmartSat’s partners and global networks; and facilitate creative collaboration with other members.


Based in Perth, WA, AROSE is a national not-for-profit, industry-led consortium that focuses on transferring knowledge between on-the-ground remote operations and the international space economy; advocating for the development of a national capability and specialised workforce; and securing Australia’s role in the space economy.

South Australia 


South Australian Space Industry Centre

The South Australian Space Industry Centre (SASIC) seeks to support the existing space industry in South Australia and facilitate its growth. SASIC serves as a focal point for all sections of the South Australian space economy, and for all levels, from local industry to global organisations. SASIC acts to support entrepreneurs, to provide an incubator for projects and to build an environment where new technologies can be rapidly developed and deployed.

Venture Catalyst Space

For established space startups looking to scale, Venture Catalyst Space is a globally competitive program that assists startups to develop and grow innovative ideas in the space economy. Venture Catalyst Space aims to both accelerate these innovative ideas with tailored resources for startups to scale up their ventures; and provide them with the innovative benefits that being part of Curtin’s Innovation & Collaboration Centre and their partner network entails

New South Wales 


NSW Space Research Network

The NSW Space Research Network (SRN) is a university-led initiative from the NSW Government designed to enhance the NSW space industry’s capability by encouraging collaboration between government and academic research institutions.

Space Elevate

Space Elevate is a course designed for Australian researchers, engineers, and entrepreneurs who possess ideas and solutions that can impact the space economy. The course seeks to instil the knowledge and skills needed to start a business, validate a market, and develop a purpose-fit action plan.

Western Australia 



QuantumTX works to facilitate interactions across mining, energy, agriculture and the space economy; as well as the adoption of differing sectors’ technologies to accelerate opportunities and maximise growth.


Melbourne Space Program

The Melbourne Space Program focuses on selecting promising university students and providing these students with hands-on experience with industry-focused, technology-based projects.

Space Industry Hub

The Space Industry Hub at RMIT facilitates local businesses and researchers making connections with global opportunities in space technology and industry. The Hub utilises RMIT’s existing facilities, services, and research centres, as well as opens pathways into RMIT’s global innovation networks.