Accelerating Innovation

The Australian Space Data Analysis Facility (ASDAF) has been established to assist Australian SMEs and researchers in enhancing their ability to leverage space data, particularly earth observation data, through a multi-pathway strategy.


Whether you are interested in space data but don’t know where to start or you have some space data but don’t have the resources or knowhow to use them, ASDAF can work with your team to develop the best solution for your needs.

ASDAF facilitates access to analysis-ready data, workflow development, and uptake of space data analytics, enabling researchers and SMEs to develop innovative and decision-ready products.

Analytics Tools

ASDAF can assist you in developing computationally efficient workflows and tools for processing large datasets to unlock their full potential.

Training & Consulting

Through ASDAF, our customers will be able to access tailored training programs to enhance their capacity and capabilities for utilising space data.


We believe that collectively we can accelerate the Australian space economy. We work with research organizations and program partners to support innovators and small-to-medium sized enterprises to scale.

Capacity Building

Through ASDAF and our collaborators, we are preparing the future space economy workforce through our development programs to support our customers with a pipeline of talent.

Explore New Ideas and Opportunities

Our goal is to help Australian SMEs and researchers get the most out of space data. ASDAF will work with you to access the relevant space data, and provide you with the support and expertise you need to move from data to action.

Upcoming Events & Training Sessions

Australian Space Innovation Challenge

GRAVITY Challenge is a global technology innovation program that uses space technologies including satellite imaging and the internet of things to solve real world problems happening on Earth today. It connects innovators, entrepreneurs and universities with businesses and governments with real world challenges to solve, using space enabled data, technology, and capability.


This year, GRAVITY Challenge has 12 challenges to choose from in areas such as: climate change, marine conservation, healthcare supply chain management and urban traffic flow.


ASDAF are proud sponsors of the GRAVITY Challenge since 2021.

Client Stories