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ASDAF was established to assist Australian SMEs and researchers enhance their ability to leverage space data, particularly earth observation data, through a multi-pathway strategy. One of these strategies involves facilitating access to satellite imagery and spatial data


ASDAF facilitates access to space and satellite imagery through the aggregation of existing open-access and commercial space data platforms to a single, unified platform. 


If you are unsure which platform is best for you to access the data you require, you can use this tool to get a tailored recommendation. If you cannot find the data you’re looking for, please get in touch with us and our team of highly qualified data scientists will help you find the data you need.

Data Platforms

We are constantly working with data providers to broaden the range of space data and portals available, so this page is regularly updated.


NationalMap is an online map-based visualisation tool that provides access to open data from government departments who are either the owner or custodian. NationalMap allows users to upload their own datasets and overlay different types of data.


Digital Earth Australia is a platform that uses spatial data and images recorded by satellites orbiting our planet to detect physical changes across Australia in unprecedented detail. For example, it identifies soil and coastal erosion, crop growth, water quality, and changes to cities and regions.


Copernicus's Sentinel Australasia Regional Access (SARA) program provides free access to all Sentinel satellite data from the South-East Asia and South Pacific region. SARA is the main access point and its interface provides an intuitive map-based data search, download capability, and a Python application program interface for advanced user interaction.

The Australian Ocean Data Network portal provides access to all available Australian marine and climate science data, and it is the primary access point to Australia’s Integrated Marine Observing System data, including its metadata.

Access our Data Directory to explore what space data sets are available to you. ​