ASDAF hosted the first in its three-part ‘Accessing Space Data’ series. To start, a huge thank you to Mani Thiru and Jasminder Hayer for sharing their knowledge on how Amazon Web Services (AWS) is providing access, training,and resources across space data to strengthen the current space economy.

For further information, check out:

  • Earth at AWS to explore AWS’s open data or Cloud Credits
  • AWS Marketplace for a range of opportunities and solutions to enable market outreach for entrepreneurs.
  • AWS Activate for free tools and resources aimed at startups.

Mani highlighted some great examples of what companies, from Capella Space to Fireball International, are doing to apply space data – to learn about more examples visit AWS for Aerospace & Satellite. AWS is also committed to using its technology to develop solutions to humanitarian crises with its AWS Disaster Response program and to foster a more diverse, inclusive, accessible and equitable workforce with its She Dares online learning program

With the space sector anticipating a growth of over 20,000 employees by 2030, digital skills and data literacy will be critical, to support this AWS has a range of training options at AWS Training and AWS Skill builder. In response to the audience’s question concerning which skills should be focused on, especially with earth observational data not adhering to any one standard, the speakers answered that cloud skills will be critical, with an emphasis on machine learning.

For those interested in exploring other earth observation data sets, Digital Earth Africa has a learning platform and loads of resources. There’s also a newly released program from Europe AI for Earth Monitoring as part of the EU Copernicus Programme.

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