Our four day bootcamp ran from 31st August to 3rd September at Curtin University in Innovation Central Perth.


Attendees came from a diverse set of backgrounds with varying degrees of programming expertise. The first two days of the bootcamp introduced them to the fundamentals of Python which included Python variables, conditionals, functions, loops, and the use of data analysis and visualization with Python with Pandas, Plotly, and Mapbox.


The last two days of the bootcamp delved more into Google Earth Engine with the focus on Earth Observation Data Analysis. Participants were exposed to GIS concepts, the different data types, creation of interactive Earth Engine Maps and datasets, and the classification, labelling, and exporting of data clusters.


A massive thank you to Yvonne Fong (EO Data Science) and Jonathan Neo for sharing their insights and helping us learn skills that will certainly be useful in pushing forth the Australia’s digital economy and workforce. Thanks to Rory Donnelly (EO Data Science) and Ammar Mahmood (EO Data Science) (https://eodatascience.com/) for their support and Innovation Central Perth for allowing us to host our bootcamp!


And an even bigger thank you to all our 20 participants who have consistently attended, engaged, and supported our bootcamp – it couldn’t have been a success with you all!

We look forward to our next bootcamp and events to further upskill and contribute to Australia’s rising digital and space economy!


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