[Project Announcement] Landgate is sucessful in the latest EoI round.

After its latest round of EOI selections, ASDAF is pleased to announce its partnership with Landgate.

ASDAF will provide support for the “Building an End-to-End Automated Processing Stream for Sentinel-1 Data with Applications to Natural Resource and Emergency Management” project. ASDAF will be tasked with automating Landgate’s current workflows to enable routine acquisition of Sentinel-1 data and developing the processing requirements to create Earth observation (EO) products. This increases workflow efficiencies and eliminates the manual labour required for this process.  

These EO products will contribute to several industries: (1) agriculture by providing producers with timely information related to livestock and crop care; (2) road and rail-based supply chains by identifying areas affected by floods and improving contingency planning; (3) emergency services through the deliverance of timely and actionable information, such as information on flooding that could be used to preserve lives and property, and (4) the utility industry, specifically Western Power, for optimising their power pole management.

Are you interested in collaborating with ASDAF to access space data and specialised data analytics?

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