Hanigan, I. (2022) Hand digitsed smoke plums - 27th December, 2019

Curtin University School of Population Health

Involved organisations:

The Curtin University School of Population Health; Centre for Air Pollution, Energy, and Health Research; the WHO Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health Impact Assessment; the Australian Research Data Commons; CSIRO.


Research; health.

Services rendered from ASDAF:

Data warehousing; data serving; pipelining.

Project overview:

The aim of this research is the creation of a real-time forecasting system by using satellite data and CTMs.

Unprecedented smoke levels during the 2019–20 Australian bushfire season led to increased pollution concentrations in affected areas, a serious health concern, especially for those with pre-existing health conditions. Therefore, the creation of a forecasting system capable of providing timely warnings of increasing smoke is vital for saving lives. These forecasting systems will require seamless and reliable real-time data that can be provided from satellites and CTMs, which will make it an essential tool for researchers, developers and government agencies.

The ASDAF team will provide clients with recommendations for cloud-based data storage and will develop delivery platforms based on the pre-processed smoke datasets for the end-user.